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    Use smart assitants like Siri, Alexa and Google home to control the scenes in your home

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So I wanted multi color bulbs to integrate with my Google home system. Tried a few brands on Amazon, but found these to be the best value and most feature rich. While full range multi color was a requirement, the majority of use is simply a warm white bulb I use for reading and general room lighting. I am not a fan of daylight bulbs - my preferred color temperature is about 2900K - warm white. These bulbs offer full range color, including excellent control over white color using the Smartlife app. Wifi connection was quick and reliable. Integration with Google Home was easy using the app. Full range color and dimming control 1% -100% is available. Brightness is higher than I have seen with other low cost smart bulbs, They are rated at 800 lumen - or 60W equivalent. Comparing to a Phillips LED bulb, this rating looks to be correct. This review was written after only a short period of use, so I cannot yet comment about long term reliability, but I am very impressed out of the box.

These are great. I use them to control some lamps by voice with my Amazon Echo. Simple to set up, and I've had them for a month or so now and have never had any issues with them dropping off wireless, even though sometimes my phone has trouble with my home wifi connection.

Keep in mind, you will need to an install a phone app to configure them. So if your phone is low on space, be aware of that - mine was, so I had to do a little cleanup before I could install the app. But that's not the device's fault, that's my own phone clutter issue!

This light strip exceeded my expectations. I have these lights mounted under my king-size bed and the length is perfect to wrap around both sides and the foot of the bed. The pairing was simple with my Android phone and Alexa. "Alexa, turn bed on ", "Alexa, set bed to blue"... It adds a nice ambient glow, that is bright enough to light your way.

This is my third time to buy smart devices from LUMIMAN. I bought smart bulbs and outlet one year ago and all work good till now. I used smart outlet for Christmas Tree, really convenient. But some lights with multiple bulbs are still a little bit hard to use with smart bulbs. You have to group all bulbs and turn on/off that group. This switch is a perfect fit for those lights. They also made a nice and interesting new app"PlusMinus", it can also work with alexa and google home. Recommending!