Frequently Asked Questions

Add new device

Why is my light bulb not blinking?

Why is my light bulb not flashing?

How to get a device ID?

Samsung Galaxy 10 cannot save the function

How to configure the device with spectrum router?

Why does the App say "No WiFi" when trying to connect a device ?

Why is my device offline?

Failed to discover new devices using Echo.

How to connect devices with AP mode?

How to create Automations?

How to use hotspot to connect smart device?

Why smart device cannot connect to 5GHz WiFi?

How to add a smart light switch?

Factory reset

How to use google wifi mesh to connect smart device?

TV light strip controller won’t work

Burnt out, does not work, Bulb flickering,does not turn off

How to add a smart light strip?

How long will the verification code be effective?

How to connect to a new router/change network?

How to connect device if needs to login on website?

How to add a smart bulb?

Failed to connect device.

How to recognize the 2.4 or 5 GHz WiFi?

My lamp use a 3 way bulb can I replace it with this?

How to use the same switch to control multiple bulbs at the same time?

Did these work on the Z-Wave or zigbee Wireless protocol?

How to add a smart plug?


Operation and Function

Why I cannot login after change the password?

How do I share a device?

Regular Members

Why does the App say "No WiFi" when trying to connect a device ?

Why my light turned on after a power outage?

Why is my device unresponsive in Alexa and Google Home?

How to trigger a scene using third party apps (Alexa or Google Home)?

How to trigger an automation using third party apps(Google and Alexa)?

Light switch Indicator light blinking red

How to delete room?

How to find the Mac Address?

If you cannot find devices or add device, please select one home

How to remove device?

Cannot share to new member

Can we use light bulb with 3-way switch?

How to group and control devices together?

How to connect two smart light strip together?

Google Home control the light bulb via voice command

Create scene

Change name

Add a new member

Set up Schedule

Power off later than the schedule time

How to set sunrise/sunset?

How to get the device back online ?

Can smart bulb be used outside?

Can these be programmed to change colors automatically like Scenes in Phillips Hue?


The third party control

Where's my account name(Username)?

How to use Google Home or Amazon Alexa to control device groups?

Cannot control device in Amazon Alexa App

How to connect IFTTT?

Connect to Google Home with PlusMinus action

Connect to Alexa with PlusMinus Skill

Can i turn smart device on/off from anywhere with my phone?

Siri shortcuts

Echo Alexa voice command for light bulb


Smart Home Wiki

What is the color temperature of smart bulbs?

How long do the bulbs last?

What is the exact diameter of light bulb?

Is it about the width of a standard bulb? We need to know if they will fit our current light fixtures.